Why are there no gyms/PokéStop/Pokémon near me?

Pokémon Go has most of its Gyms and PokéStops near landmarks, points of interest, busy/ high volume areas. So if you live in the middle of nowhere, small town, little quiet neighborhood, chances are there’s nothing around. But, good news Niantic now has a support page where you can request Gyms/PokéStops be put in your area. They will only accept business/landmark addresses, they will not accept a residential addresses.

Why are Pokémon Go servers always down? Why can’t I log on?

A lot of people are on Pokémon Go and we are all on the same server. So to many people log on the server crashes. I don’t think Niantic anticipated this big of a turn out. This is something Niantic needs to fix so they don’t lose players.

Why does my battery die so quickly? 

This game uses A LOT of your battery…A LOT. It uses your GPS while your game is on so that takes quite a bit of your battery. Also if you use the camera mode(AR) to catch Pokémon that drains your battery very quickly as well. I recommend turning of the AR(camera mode) to save some of your battery. I know it’s fun to catch Pokémon in the real world setting but it’s a serious battery killer!

How do I turn off AR(camera mode)? 

You can either click the Poké Ball and in the to pright corner there is a settings icon. Go into settings and un-check the AR(camera mode). You can also turn of AR(camera mode) while you’re catching Pokémon. Up in the top right corner while you’re in the “Pokémon catching” screen it says AR with a little switch icon next to it, click it to shut off AR(camera mode).

What is a Gym?

A gym is where you battle your Pokémon with other players Pokémon. If you beat a keep control of the gym you not only get bragging rights but free PokéCoins too!

What are the teams? How do I join a team?

There are three teams: Team Valor(Red), Team Instinct(Yellow) and Team Mystic(Blue). You have to be at least level 5 to join a gym. Once you have reached level 5 you can go to any gym near you, all you do is click on the gym and it ask you to join a team.

How to level up trainer quickly?

The easiest way to level up quickly is to collect all the lower Pokémon, like Pidgey, Ratatta, Weddle, Caterpie, ect. Once you’ve collected a whole bunch of these Pokémon, turn on an incense and a lucky egg. Then start evolving all the lower Pokémon you’ve collected, even if you already have the evolved Pokémon. Every time you evolve a Pokémon you get 500 XP, but with the lucky egg you will earn 1000 XP just for leveling up a lower Pokémon. Plus with the incense you’ll earn at least 200 XP for every Pokémon you catch that you’ve caught before. And If you throw the Poké Ball well enough you’ll get extra XP!

How to get extra XP while catching Pokémon?

There are actually four catching bonuses you can get: Nice, great, excellent and curve.

  • Nice- 10 XP- You can get this when the colored circle around Pokémon is the widest.
  • Great- 50 XP- Throw Poké Ball when its half the size it was for a “nice” throw.
  • Excellent- 100 XP- Throw Poké Ball when the colored circle is the smallest.
  • Curve- 10 XP- Spin Poké Ball clockwise or counter clock wise until sparkles pop up around Poké Ball then throw Poké Ball at Pokémon.

Remember when you have a lucky egg on it doubles ALL your XP you get while lucky egg is on! So if you get a nice throw instead of 10 XP you would get 20 XP, gret throw would get you 100 XP instead of 50 XP and ect.

How to find specific Pokémon?

You can try going near their habitat, like if you’re looking for a water Pokémon it’s best to try a beach or near bodies of waters. You will be less likely to catch a water Pokémon in hot dry areas.

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