Poké Egg hatching cheat


How to “trick” the game into thinking you’re “walking”…(Try these ideas at your own risk…we don’t recommend these ideas where you attach your phone to moving objects)…

Some players have said they hatched their Poké Eggs by attaching phone to a model rail road track. They found the right speed(which should be 15 mph or less) and put rail road track on loop.

If you’re stuck in traffic, simply turn on Pokémon Go and let it run while you’re only going 15 mph in traffic(We’re not saying to use your phone while you drive! Simply turn on Pokémon Go and set your phone down!Do not operate Pokémon Go while driving!).

You can jump on a bike, pair of skates, skateboard, scooter, four wheeler, dirt bike. If you don’t go more than 15 mph the game should think you’re “walking”.

If you’ve got money to spare, or if you just have one, tape/attach your phone to a roomba. Which is pretty clever, the roomba is always moving and it obviously doesn’t go over 15 mph!

Some players are actually attaching phones to drones and flying the drones around to hatch the Poké Eggs.

Players are also some how attaching their phones to dogs and letting them run around outside to hatch Poké Eggs. Again try at your own risk!

You can use a turn table, place your phone on the turn table and let it spin until you hatch your Poké Egg.

Players are also using the spinning platters to spin phone around to hatch Poké Eggs.

Also players are also taping the phones to a ceiling fan, not sure what setting they are using.

Some more daring players are turning bikes upside down and putting their phone in the spokes and spinning the petal as if they were “riding the bike”.



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